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Mountain farms are famous for their rocky, clay-like soil and ours is no exception. We do have some bottomland near the brook that isn't half bad and use it mostly for grazing. We try to grow most of our own food and hope, in time, to use nothing more than horsepower to get things done. Here is a quick tour of the farm.

Summer 2012

Visit the Farm During Summer 2012...Read More

Life on the Farm

The old saying, "There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a boy," says it all. I would extend the same restorative properties to shoveling manure, closing in the chickens at night, feeding the beefers, tending to the bees...Read More


I started beekeeping about a dozen years ago and, although is seems simple enough, there is a great deal to know to produce large quantities of honey. And, yes, I am still learning!...Read More

Farming and Gardening

I hesitate to use the term "farming" since any real farmer would laugh at our small, amateur operation. This is a "gentleman's" farm, to put in nicely, but we enjoy the work and the food. Tom, who lives just down the road, handles things for us when we are not there...Read More

Our Town

Our town has only a few hundred inhabitants but has lots of open land. I can still get on a horse and ride up into the mountains for hours on end without seeing a house or another human being. It is one of the most rural counties in the state...Read More

Our Town in History

Our town was incorporated in the late 1700's and used to be full of people. It had seven school districts and quite a few churches and cemeteries. There were mills, factories made chair backs and brush backs, Herd had a large country store just below the Methodist Church...Read More


Our main occupation on Two Pigs Farm is sugaring. We have over 4,000 taps, storage tanks, pumps, a vacuum (to draw the sap to the tanks more quickly), an RO machine (reverse osmosis), and a large 'arch' or evaporator. Every year we hope to make between 5-600 gallons...Read More