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Our Town In History

Our town was incorporated in the late 1700's and used to be full of people. It had seven school districts and quite a few churches and cemeteries. There were mills, factories made chair backs and brush backs, Herd had a large country store just below the Methodist Church (the Congregationalists used to have a church but the Methodists outlasted them), there were at least two dance halls, etc. Today, the population is about 350 and not all of that is full-time. The low point was in the 1950s when our family first bought part of the Ford Farm. Land was about $50 an acre at that time.

Norman Rockwell used to live here until the early 1950s. He painted Floyd Bentley ("Breaking Home Ties") — I worked for Floyd — as well as Carl Hess ("Town Meeting"). Carl used to run the local gas station. Marie Briggs, the woman who taught me to bake, also cooked for Rockwell for many years.

Our Town in History