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Two Pigs Farm Maple Syrup

Two Pigs Farm Maple Syrup

33.75 fl. oz. bottle, $36.95

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Two Pigs Farm maple syrup is produced almost entirely from sugar maples on our Vermont farm using a wood-fired evaporator. The firewood is cut and split from our own stand of hardwood and the whole family pitches in along with neighbors and Tom, our farm manager. As the season progresses (most sugaring is done in March), the maple syrup grade changes. The early runs of sap tend to produce lighter syrup and the mid- and late-season sap will end up being darker and, to our palates, tastier. But we don't guarantee a particular grade of syrup. In fact, our syrup is shipped without a grade indication. However, most of our syrup is on the darker side, just the way we like it.

Over the years, we have found that plastic and metal containers affect flavor so all of our syrup is bottled in attractive glass bottles with ceramic stoppers. The top of the bottle is then dipped in hot wax to seal in freshness.

We have enough taps to yield 5-600 gallons of finished syrup, but have netted just under 400 gallons the past 2 years, and we even brought in some sap from a neighbor to net this amount. The weather gets too warm too quickly, when leaves bud out, the sap degrades, and the season is over. As in years past, our syrup is sold on a first come, first serve basis. We apologize for the limited supply, but really have no control over it at this point, it's all in nature's hands. For those of you who placed an order and got some of our 'gold', we hope you enjoy it and will share it with family and friends. For those of you who tried and just didn't order in time, we're sorry we ran short and hope we'll have better results next year to make everybody happy!

Once you open a bottle of syrup, it is best stored in the refrigerator. We use it not only on pancakes, waffles and French toast but in coffee and over vanilla ice cream.