Every year we’re at the mercy of Mother Nature when it comes to how much sap we collect from our sugar bush to boil down to syrup. It’s never enough and we typically sell out within hours of opening our site to sell it. The first year, we turned to our neighbor, Axel, and bought some from him to sell. It was a huge hit, but we’ve never done it since, finding it was too labor intensive for us to manage with all the other projects we had going on (i.e. working on the magazine, developing the TV & radio shows, raising kids, running the farm, etc). But over the years, many folks have literally begged us to offer his syrup again, so at last, we listened, heard their cries for more and bought again from Axel.
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While we can't make claims it was produced from sap out of our trees, nor that we boiled it at our farm, we did put it through numerous rigorous steps to insure the same quality you'd expect of our own syrup. Indeed most of the labor involved with preparing our syrup for sale is after it’s boiled, with the filtering & bottling process. Axel delivered the syrup we’re offering in numbered barrels along with small, sample bottles, which were numbered to match. We first signed off on all the samples before accepting delivery. Next, we ran the syrup through a filter press to get out most of the impurities, and then filtered it once more as it was pumped into a 'finisher'. We heated it to 180 degrees Fahrenheit and bottled it, after which we labeled each bottle. This entire process was done entirely on our farm, all by hand, which is extremely labor intensive and time consuming. We of course tested the syrup as we processed each barrel, tracking it back to the original sample to make sure it matched the sample and that the quality lived up to our standards. We can't make claims to doing a blind tasting, comparing it to the syrup we boiled, but honestly we suspect we'd be hard pressed to say which is better, it's that good. Like with our own syrup, we guarantee complete satisfaction. If for any reason you're not happy with it, you can return it for a 100% refund.
Pure Maple Syrup
bottled at Two Pigs Farm
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33.75 oz

16.9 oz

1.7 oz

8 oz

A note about our fees:

The shipping fee is our direct cost from UPS.   We package in heavy-duty glass bottles, which when filled with syrup, are heavy. For example our 16.9 oz bottles weigh 4 lbs; the 33.75 oz bottles weigh 6 lbs.   We also ship so we can track delivery of all packages.   Unfortunately we live in an era of rising fuel and delivery costs and have to pass them along just like all other mail order businesses.
Our processing fee, @ $11.50 per order, includes incidental costs such as fees from Yahoo store, Paypal, our fulfillment house, shipping to the fulfillment house from the farm, and packaging materials.   It all adds up.  We try to keep this fee to a minimum, and this is the lowest we've achieved thus far.   We don't prorate the processing fee by bottle size/price, rather we pass it along per order.  It's kind of like renting a guest house.  You pay the same rental fee if there's one guest or a full house of guests, you're renting the house as a single unit.  Same with our syrup, we pass along the processing fee to process each package, regardless of how much it contains.

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