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About our fees

Over the years, many customers have compared our shipping & handling rates to those promoted by Amazon Prime, and the like, expecting us to pass on the same kind of discounts, even suggesting we offer our product through Amazon. What they're losing sight of is that we're not a mega-operation, rather we run a high-end boutique farm, with a high-quality, beautifully packaged seasonal product, which to date has yielded an extremely limited production. We're not yet at a point we can produce enough product to even tempt Amazon. Even if we did produce enough, virtually everything we do is by hand, custom per order, so it's not likely we'd recover our costs, noting Amazon's penchant for discounts and the price points they'd expect us to extend to them. The point we're trying to make is that people are becoming accustomed to getting everything for a discount, if not via Amazon, some other site, or super-warehouse store, expecting all other vendors to pass on the same discounts, which forces some out of business. We're in a very different league where we pay a minimum every time we turn around, while they're dealing with enormous volumes and can pass along the discounts. We're hoping to hang on, and for a long time, so regardless of what's available via the super-stores and their discounted price points, we're focused on providing you with the quality product & personalized service you'd expect from a small operation like Two Pigs. Over the years we've made many 'friends' with folks who've had customer service issues, earning their loyalty and camaraderie. We look forward to continuing to 'delivery', in every way we can, adding you to our family of 'friends', ensuring you enjoy complete satisfaction, down to the very last drop.

Here's a more detailed explanation about our rates:

"Shipping" relates directly to the size and weight of the order. This for the most part relates to the variable costs associated with delivering your order, which includes packaging (think different box sizes & packaging required for 1 liter vs 2 half liter bottles, etc); also UPS delivery costs based on size and weight of your order. Don't forget our syrup is extremely heavy, not only is it liquid, but it's in a sturdy, thick, glass container. We take extra care to ship via a traceable means, and replace or refund any bottles damaged in transit.

"Processing & Packaging Fee @ $11.50/order": cost of 'processing' orders includes maintaining our website, responding to inquiries like this, credit card processing fees, transportation cost to ship our syrup from our farm in VT to our fulfillment house in CT, the fulfillment house's fees to pick n' pack or orders, maintain inventory reports, help with customer service issues, etc.

Unfortunately nothing's for free any more these days, while we hope this helps better explain our fees. We're happy to be of further assistance, should you have addition questions. Please contact us.

Thank you!

Two Pigs Farm