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About Us and The Farm

30 years ago, Two Pigs Farm was nothing more than a couple of abandoned corn fields. The farmer, who tended the land, had a heart attack and never got around to harvesting his crops the year we bought the property. The rest of the parcel is comprised mostly of steeply sloped, wooded ledge, laced with a few forest streams. There has been some logging on the land over the years, as evidenced by old logging roads that crisscross in the forest. For the most part, we purchased the land, just as Mother Nature had created it. All of that's changed over the past 30 years, during which time a magical place has come together, where there's always a flurry of activity. We laid out the buildings to work with the land, and be adjacent to the work. Many of our first time visitors insist we're lying when we tell them we built everything, from the ground up. Most walk away wanting to believe their first instinct, that we're just pulling their leg, the farm is at least 100 years old, if not older. Mission accomplished!

We've built numerous buildings, mostly barn or farm related. Our farming life started first with a large garden, and larger out-lying crops, like corn and potatoes. We also planted a couple of small orchards, for example fruit trees (apple, pear, cherry & plum), as well as numerous berry bushes (currant, rasp- & blue-). Of course we try to consume or store as much as we can, and/or give away a lot to neighbors. We also make large amounts of preserves, jellies & jam every year.

That leads to our more serious farm food-related projects, like raising animals, mostly for meat, but some for pets & recreation. Over the years we've raised chickens, pigs, cattle, horses, rabbits, and bees. We've cut back quite a bit, and now have only 3 horses, a cat, dog & bees. This leads to...our maple story.

Our maple syrup story...

So many of you have inquired, how'd we end up making maple syrup? ...and so much of it?

It all boils down to trying to come up with a "project-oriented" Christmas gift for Chris. He'd always expressed an interest in boiling sap during the winter, so his big Christmas present one year was an assortment of all he needed to make maple syrup. Before boiling our own syrup, we purchased a ton of it, most especially when our 4 kids were growing up, and we were developing pancake & waffle recipes for the Yellow Farm House, and throughout all of our recipe testing days. So why not make our own, right?

In the very beginning, when we were much younger, and not very smart, we had the romantic vision we'd run the farm and work the land with a team of horses, for instance, leading them through the trails, dragging a wagon through the woods, collecting sap, one bucket at a time. We can hear many a farmer chuckling at that idea right about now - how romantic! ...crazy flat landers! Little did we know that 10-15 years after starting out with some tin buckets, a few taps, funnels, and a small evaporator, capable of yielding about 5 gallons of finished maple syrup we'd end up with a 2-story sap house, and enough equipment to produce over 1000 gallons of syrup in a season. Before we knew it, what started out as a simple gift turned into a boutique business, with a lot of customers to keep happy.

We've come a long, LONG way, as was proven by the results of this year. We upgraded much of our equipment and methods to the latest state of the art maple technology. There's no way we'd manage to produce as much as we did without our new team, John & Lexi, who stayed on top of the operation this year, running the vacuum-pump, a new R/O (reverse osmosis machine), a new ATV, plus they had to repair our lines, many had to be replaced entirely, having passed their prime. We've got lots of news to share, and will continue to work on updating you about all we've done, but would prefer to get the site up and running to take your orders for our 2016 vintage. Many of you have been writing us, asking when the store's going to open. We don't want to keep you waiting any longer. Please check back for more information, but in the meantime, here's a link to the store. Order your syrup now, it sells out quickly!

Thank you.
Two Pigs